Useful links and update from LINk Devon’s CCG Sub Group

Hi, here are a few links to updated information re CCG development, particularly relating to patient and public involvement. I hope this information will be of use to you in enabling understanding of the changing structures of healthcare commissioning.  up to date info re commissioning, anyone can sign up to this bulletin.  guidance from NHS Commissioning board re the appointment of lay members NHS Confederation : Managing conflicts of interest Article re the role of elected councillors and CCGs. This issue was raised at our CCG sub group.

 We are hoping in Devon to help spread good practice for patient and public involvement in GP surgery settings by holding a network learning event for all concerned parties in October. This event will be in partnership with other organisations to help support the implementation of the DES in Devon. 93 practices in Devon carried out the DES last year. If you have any advice information or ideas about how to involve people from different groups or backgrounds, and keeping them involved, or want to get involved in a structure that “gains the views of patients and enables the practice to obtain feedback from the practice population” (taken from the Patient Participation DES Annual Report 2011/12) now is the time!

If you are interested and want to know more then please drop me a line at

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