I just went to …

I just went to the HC2012 Patient Information Congress which was all about portable patient records, patient information and digital technology being used to create seamless service delivery and increase participation in shared decision making at all levels. How this information can be used by LINks directly remains to be seen, but its important for people to understand the information is out there. LINk participants could ensure patient centred information is used to improve services all round for individuals by “putting it on the table” so to speak, encouraging service managers and commissioners to use the intelligence from patient data to target services and increase efficiency and reduce waste.

There were many inspiring speakers, perhaps most influential for the patient voice was Mark Duman from www.pifonline.org.uk who put in a plea for patient facing information to be accessible and intelligible. I caught up with him after his speech and he told me, among other things, he is interested in telehealth and telecare and its potential to transform lives for less outlay, and again increase efficiency. Systems which are currently being trialled across rural areas can ensure safe and timely delivery of services. patient information must be credible, correct and easy to get hold of. Another interesting speaker was Gillian Leung from NICE who spoke of the NICE guideleines and quality standards, you can now access these on an app as well as the website !

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