Patient and Public Involvement Solutions Consultation about Healthwatch…early indications show….

HealthWatch: What do we think so far?

Directly taken from the PPi solutions website. What do we think in Devon? Check PPi solutions out on twitter too!

Early indications from the Patient and Public Involvement Solutions Consultation  which took in:

  • Over 75 hours of focus groups
  • Findings from more than 3000 questionnaires
  • Feedback from over 400 organisations, groups and individuals.
  • Local HealthWatch communication and stakeholder engagement across 9 LAs …..

Feedback from their work across 9 Local Authorities identified six themes for consideration as we shape the aspirations for Local HealthWatch, Check out this summary of what people have told the consultation so far


A joined up organisation – linked across the community with a central team to ensure all voices are heard. One organisation with many solutions, a single point of contact for all agencies and partners as well as communities with a local co-ordinating body focussing on outcomes and made up of many organisations input, an organisation that understands the importance of social care as well as health.

Independent (but not self-serving)

It will be able to demonstrate clear prioritising and decision-making through an evidence base not influenced by vested interests of other organisations, individuals or politics. It will focus on outcomes not its own existence.


Service users will be integral to its leadership. It will be able to work with statutory organisations as well as communities and partners. It will champion and support local patient and user groups. It will bring local data and intelligence on behalf of the whole community into one place and use this to influence decision makers.

Working with the statutory sector

Local Authorities and the NHS will recognise their competing priorities and utilise HealthWatch as a mechanism to enable them to understand what is of most importance to people.

Branding and PR

It will be recognisable and relevant to local people who will understand and know what it does and can do for them.

Awareness and skills Through effective training and skills the aspiration for Local HealthWatch will ensure the right people are in the right place to provide a high quality service.

Please visit the PPi solutions page for more details as they emerge…..

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